Paula RodgersCareers consultant with 25 years experience in the recruitment industry

This is your job search and this is all about you, not me, but I feel it is important to share a little about myself.

Paula Rodgers

Paula Rodgers

I am married with a 21 year old daughter and currently live between Portugal and the UK. During my many years in recruitment I have been asked on numerous occasions to assist and support friends and family in their search for a new opportunity. This is something I have really enjoyed and found incredibly rewarding so at this point in my career I have now decided to pursue this in a more formal way.

I started my recruitment career working in agencies and then around 16 years ago, I moved to the world of contracting to give myself more flexibility to work around my family. As a contractor I got the opportunity to work on a wide range of interesting projects, with exposure to new environments, roles and ideas which enabled me to constantly learn and develop. These opportunities ranged from running interview assessment days, outplacement, internal recruitment and supporting hiring managers with interviewing. I have worked across a number of technology organisations over that time, with recruitment responsibility for both go to market and technical roles across EMEA.

During my many years working in recruitment I have seen the industry change beyond recognition. When I started in the industry, the only tools available to a recruiter were manual cards, a telephone and a fax machine. All candidates came to the office to be registered and interviewed. These days the recruitment industry uses specialised Applicant Tracking Systems, online job boards, social media, CRM systems, Automated Communication, on-line recruitment marketing, AI and most interviews take place over video conference.

By sharing the knowledge I have gained over the years, my aim will be to make your job search less arduous and take away some of the stress and frustration that goes alongside searching for a new role.

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